is there a visual code for emotions?

This weekend I came across a couple of things that interested me. The first was the project Face to Facebook ( Initially this project made me wonder about privacy and surveillance concerns related to Facebook mining, but then I got interested into the process itself, and its guiding theory. The second was the article This article assumes that emotions can be coded. If we agree with this assumption, what would be a way to code emotions for a content analysis that study the presentation of self in social networking sites?

It would be necessary to code facial expressions as signifiers for emotions, and then determine what emotions are predominant in people’s Facebook profile pictures. What does this say about presentation of self and virtual identity? The only concern could be… can emotions be coded?


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I am a Ph.D. student in Communication at University of Illinois at Chicago. I study new media, social network sites, virtual identity, and privacy, form an intercultural perspective... View all posts by fedefo

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